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“Beautifully rendered, the stories in ‘Rain Check’ could well be the footprints and photographs of our own lives if we’d have taken risks as daring as Noe’s characters. Each misstep, triumph and regret rings true. Reading these stories is like being a lucky voyeur who happens upon an artist with brush in hand, nearing the finishing touch of their masterpiece. Nothing is more potent than prose that lifts off the page and lands, like a well-placed bullet or caress, on the heart, and that’s precisely what Noe has done here.”
~ Len Kuntz, author of 'Dark Sunshine' and 'I’m Not Supposed to be Here and Neither Are You'
“The tiny, potent stories that make up this debut by Levi Andrew Noe both surprise and delight. There’s wisdom in these pages, but also humor, tenderness, and magic. ‘Rain Check’ is a terrific read from a young author to watch.”
~ Kathy Fish, author of 'Wild Life', 'Rift' and 'Together We Can Bury It'
“Levi Noe has a supernatural handle on what the forces of nature mean – every blade of bent grass, big fat raindrop and purple storm cloud ripping across the surface of this odd earth. By extension of understanding animal instinct he knows humanity from the tip of its nose to the curled hook of its trigger finger. Mostly though Noe does that thing too few writers of fine literature do – he draws us into an adventures that lies outside of the quiet interior human life. We’re led up a mountain for a closer look at a golden moon.”
~Bud Smith, Author of 'Calm Face', 'Tollbooth' and 'Everything Neon'
“Levi Andrew Noe is a modern-day Beat. The stories in this collection are meditative and mystical, his characters full of spirit. From the streets of suburban Colorado to the rivers of the Himalayas, Noe makes you feel the wanderlust, the backpack straps tugging at your shoulders, the hunger to connect with all that’s come before and all that’s yet to come.”
~Steve Karas, author of 'Kinda Sorta American Dream'
Noe’s flash fiction collection is divided into three sections where despair and hope are prevalent themes. These stories called me to greedily read one after another. They are connected by the humanity of the characters and situations. Noe’s ability to show these attributes can’t be praised high enough while using empathy and humor.
~Paul Beckman, author of 'Peek'